As a true ‘Renaissance” minded establishment we strive to provide our guests with a full spectrum list of spirits that is truly world class.  We have the largest and most diversified Whisky collection in the world with over 1000 selections.  Also our Grappa collection is considered the world’s best with over 200 selections.




·       Whisky Magazine of London, England – The Supreme Whisky Award for Best Scotch List in the world.

·       Double Platinum Award – Global leadership in the education and promotion of Malt Whisky.

·       1000 Whiskies, including 50+ selections of Macallan dating back to 1937.

·       200+ Grappas; best in the world, including the complete collection from the prestigious houses of Nonino and Poli

·       55 Tequillas

·       100 Ports including 15 by the glass.

·       Over 80 selections of Rum and Vodka.

·       100 Liqueurs from around the world.

·       60 Cognacs and Armagnacs





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