Brain Food: A healthy combination of omegas 3-6-9.  Superior sushi grade tuna tartar with yellow & candy cane beets. Garnished with gooseberry, avocado, capers, red quinoa, Cypriot salt & EVOO.  Petit watercress-fennel-chia salad.
Risotto Board – Quail Amarone: Seared whole Quail with fig-chestnut stuffing wrapped in prosciutto with a Recioto reduction.  Served with our famous Amarone cranberry-mint risotto. 

Lamb Ribs - Tuscan Grill: Slow roasted with gremolata glaze, Tuscan kale, served on a bracce.
‘Caesar Allegro Style: Romaine hearts with a light vinaigrette dressing, shaved Padano, toasted hazelnuts, crispy Speck (smoked Italian ham), rustic croutons, Parmigiano fricco. 
Calamari Fritti: A generous portion of calamari – floured and flash fried, sprinkled with sea salt.  Angel hair fries, Sherry-cilantro-lemon mayonnaise.

Cavallo Crudo: An Allegro legend! Healthy old world favourite. Porcini crusted equine tenderloin carpaccio,  slivered oyster mushrooms, micro lettuce, EVOO and Porcini dust.









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